Executive Committee

Consul – Tim Saia

Pro Consul – Spencer Holt

Annotator – Tim Wang

Quaestor – Kenny D’Aurizio

Risk Manager – Sean Waclawik

Scholarship Chair – Alex Cope

Brotherhood Chair – Alex Steff

Public Relations Chair – Vivek Verghese

Other Officers

House Manager – Anthony Chen

Magister – Aidan Gorby

Recruitment Chair – Harrison Ma

Alumni Tribune – Josh Yurkofsky

Community Service Chair – Scott Corradi

Chapter Editor – Josh Yurkofsky

Derby Daddy – Andrew Aikens, Max Gillespie

Historian – Ramin Chowdhury

Philanthropy Chair – Matt Bonnette

Social Chair – Dan Sze

Inter-Organizational Relations Chair – Casimir Harshbarger

Steward – Shawn Vollaro

Kustos – Rob Carneiro

Awards Chair – Jordan Chappel

Parliamentarian – Jacob Doskocil

Webmaster – Atticus Lin

Network Chair – Ryan Gavin

Fire Marshall – Arthur Mosley

Social Media Chair – Atticus Lin


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