Chaz Goodwine ’13 receives the RPI Founders Award of Excellence

Chaz Goodwine founders award 2017.jpg

Sigma Chi graduate student Chaz Goodwine ’13 receives the RPI Founders Award of Excellence.

The 24rd Annual Honors Convocation was held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the RPI EMPAC. The Rensselaer’s Founders Award of Excellence is the highest honor of the Convocation ceremony.

The Founders Award of Excellence was established in 1994 to honor students who embody qualities of creativity, discovery, leadership, and the values of pride and responsibility at Rensselaer. The award consists of a special certificate, recognition by faculty, staff, and peers at the Honors Convocation ceremony, and a cash prize. Approximately 70 wonderful graduate or undergraduate students – about one percent of our student population – are honored each year as winners of Rensselaer’s Founders Award of Excellence.

Criteria for the Founders Award of Excellence nominees include demonstration of all of the following characteristics:

  • Strong academic performance. Candidates should be in the top 10% of their respective class.
  • Pride and responsibility in all aspects of her or his life at Rensselaer.
  • Outstanding leadership skills exhibiting discretion, judgment, and well-rounded regard for the opinions of others.
  • Originality and imagination that may be evidenced by the potential to solve problems and possess skills to promote new ideas and theories in his or her field of study.

Chaz plans to graduate in 2018 with his Ph.D. in chemical engineering.  In 2013, Sigma Chi Charles Carletta ’14 was also recognized with the Founders Award of Excellence.


Pinewoods Educational Foundation Holds Interviewing and Resume Skills Training Workshop

The Pinewoods Educational Foundation (PEF) held its second annual Interviewing and Resume Skills Training Workshop from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, September 16, 2017.  The seminar and training and attended by more than 30 students (mostly sophomores and juniors). Dennis Powers ’63 presented the materials and was supported by returning alums: John Baldwin ‘77, Matt Miller ‘77, John Pfaff ‘71 and Dan DeSantis ‘78.

The seminar provided personalized feedback, important to improving the resumes and interviewing.  The students had excellent experiences and credentials but appeared reluctance students to open up and share their personal information about themselves as human beings – that what makes them unique.  The mock interviewed provided encouragement to communicate more effectively.

Draft resumes needed clear objectives and limited coursework and software training listings and replace it with meaningful info about themselves.  Participants made progress on teasing out good material for use in their second draft. Some had amazingly good experiences/achievements that were not mentioned in their initial drafts.

The PEF remains convinced that this program, open to all RPI students, can continue to make a very big difference in helping students land good internships and permanent jobs.   It is important to encourage sophomores and juniors to attend.  Exposing underclassmen to the program should help assure they are well prepared to interview and later after graduation.

Thanks to Brother Powers for organizing the event and to Brothers Baldwin, Miller, Pfaff and DeStantis for their participation.

2017 PEF Training dinner.jpg

Dennis Powers ’63 address the chapter

Work Party 2017

Greetings and salutations, Brothers!  I hope you all are having a wonderful summer as i  Friday, August 25 – Sunday, August 27, 2017
Come join the festivities (and do a little work, too!).  This is the 12th annual celebration of our alumni/active pre-semester work weekend, and all alumni brothers are invited back to Troy to participate in this fun-filled event.
It’s been four years since the Bill Pomeroy Chapter House of the Delta Psi chapter of Sigma Chi was dedicated on Homecoming weekend, 2013.
An end of the year walk-through audit of the house this past May by House Corp Board Member Bob “Beo” Bedard ‘75 and Chapter Advisor extraordinaire, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 once again found the house to be in good condition.  The active brothers can be commended for the fine job they are doing in maintaining the house.  But as always, there are things to be done to prepare the house for the upcoming school year.  Foreman Beo and chief home remodeler and recent recipient of the Seven Lights service award from national, Alan “HJ” Hanbury ’74, along with input from the chapter, are compiling the “to-do” list for Work Party 2017 with jobs for everyone. Professional skills are not needed, just a desire to work alongside of the active brothers in caring for our house.  As always, there will be landscaping projects, clean-up activities, painting, minor repairs, etc. to be done, along with building a rock climbing wall in the garage and other fun projects.  Come on home to Troy this year and help us make that lady at 58 Pinewoods glow!|
But wait!  There’s more!  Let’s not forget about the Friday evening active/alumni dinner followed by the PEP Corporation meeting and elections, the weekend of great camaraderie, the Saturday night ritual house meeting, and the chance to strengthen our bonds with each other, swap stories, and tell tall tales of bygone days. To sum it all up, it’s simply a good time!
This should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Join us this year, and cross it off yours.
If you plan to attend, please send the following information to me:
1.)    Name/Nickname and Class Year.
2.)    Current locale in which you reside.
3.)    Cell phone # (with area code).
4.)    Friday alumni/undergrad dinner? Yes/No.
5.)    Last meal to be eaten with us, i.e., Sunday lunch.
For those interested in the Friday golf, you all will have to seek each other out and self-organize since Bob ‘Ruff The Babysitter’ Hutnick (’71) will not be in attendance this year and available to coordinate.  He will be enjoying some quality family time in the Outer Banks of NC.
I have emptied my mailbox in anticipation of an avalanche of e-mail responses, so have at it!
Only three weeks away, so please let us know you’re coming, so we can make plans accordingly.
Hope to see you in Troy soon!
In hoc,|
Klit ’76 (a.k.a., Thom Kouletsis) Cell: (717) 805-2618 E-mail:


Delta Psi Brings Home the Gold Peterson

The Delta Psi chapter has now one 8 Consecutive Petersons Awards – the 2016-17 award at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop at Bowling Green University in Ohio on August 5, 2017 was finally a gold level Peterson – Only 15 of the chapters (only 6% of the 240 chapters) received gold level of the total 80 Peterson winners. Congratulations to the membership of Delta Psi.

Pictured below with the 70th Grand Consul, Tommy Gettings, are  Pierre Fabris ’19, Harrison Ma ’19, Alex Cope ’20,  Arthur Mosley ’20, Gettings, Tim Saia ’18, Spencer Holt ’20, Sean Waclawik ’18, and Ken Sobel ’13

Read more about the History of the Peterson Award.2017 Peterson Gold

Sigs join Alan Hanbury for 7 Lights Awards in Providence

Delta Psi brothers from New England joined Alan “HJ” Hanbury celebrated his 7 Lights service award (see the Award  Story) at Sigma Chi’s 81st Grand Chapter on June 24, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Brothers joining HJ included Larry Mentz ’68, Bill Wurst ’71, Bob Shortle ’74 (with Marion), Greg Chilson ’75, Jim Manocchi ’75 (with Pam), Bob Bedard ’75, Greg Hasko ’77 and John Baldwin ’77.

Brother Hanbury will be recognized by the Delta Psi chapter at Work Party 2017, August 2017, at the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York, if we can get the hammer and saw out of his hands.

Hanbury photo 1Greg Chilson ’75, Jim Manocchi 75, Bob Shortle 74, John Baldwin 77Hanbury photo 2Alan Hanbury ’74 and John Baldwin ‘77
Hanbury photo 3Alan Hanbury ’74 and Bob Bedard ‘75aHanbury photo 4Jim Manochi ’75 , Bob Shortle ’74, Bill Wurst ’71,  Alan Hanbury ‘74, John Barnes ’77, Greg Hasko ’77, Bob Bedard ’75, and Pam Manocchi Hanbury photo 5
Alan Hanbury ‘74, and Bob Bedard ’75Hanbury photo 6Marion Shortle, Pam Manocchi, Bob Shortle ’74 and Alan Hanbury ‘74



RPI Greek Community Honors Bob “Justa” Eckart ‘73

In May 2017, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 was honored by the RPI Greek Community.  They awarded Justa his second consecutive Chapter Advisor of the YeEckart Awardar, and, wait for it, they renamed the award the Bob Eckart Chapter Advisor of the Year Award.  John Pfaff ’71 gushed proudly, “I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of Justa, and it’s wonderful to know that RPI’s Greek community recognizes Bob’s accomplishments and talents.”

Additional Comments:

I have only known Justa for about 40 years. A gentleman – always.  I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor. – Larry Mentz ‘68

Special congratulations to Bob (Justa) Eckart for all he does for the betterment of Sigma Chi, Delta Psi, and the entire Greek system at RPI. – Dan Hudson ‘70

“How do we continue to refer to the chapter advisor who now defines the term – whose picture you see when you look up the term in the dictionary – how do we continue to refer to him as Justa Chapter Advisor?”  – Tom Hey ‘72

Well done to “Justa”! – Jim Board ‘75

Wow!   Many congrats to the chapter for such a great job, and especially to JUSTA!!   – Jim Manocchi ‘75

Congratulations to Justa! – Phil Cichanowicz ‘81

Congratulations to Justa.  Great recognition for a Sig who has always put delta psi first!  – Bill Casey ’81

Justa, an award was never more deserved.  Congrats! – Ed “V” Anderson, ‘84

We all know that he’s Justa best. Congratulations! – Richard Antaya, MD “Idiot”  ’85

Congratulations to Justa! Such an outstanding honor for him to receive, and he deserves it so so much. – Chaz Goodwine, ’12


Sigma Chi honored Alan Hanbury with 7 Lights Awards

The Sigma Chi Fraternity honored Alan Hanbury, RPI ’74 with the Seven Lights service award at its 81st Grand Chapter alumni celebration lunch on June 23, 2017 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Brother Hanbury, a professional home remodeler in Newington, Connecticut, was recognized for more than a decade of work on Sigma Chi fraternity house at his alma mater.  The Seven Lights awards is presented to alumni members who have demonstrated significant service of ten or more years as an active alumnus as recognized by other alumni.  No more than 28 Seven Lights are awarded in any year to the more than 300,000+ brothers.

AHanburycolorBrother Hanbury was recognized for his more than 15 years of service starting in 2002 to the Delta Psi chapter, leading the repair and refurbishment of the 115 year-old Sigma Chi fraternity at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York.  As endorsed by Jim Manocchi ‘75, “Alan’s dedicated leadership and his heavy investment of his time and resources has been an essential part of making this journey for both the facility and the brotherhood possible.”  “During each and every fall work party, Alan was the ‘go to’ guy whenever questions arose.  For many of us these issues [repairing the house] were daunting. For Alan they were simply challenges to address and repair,” added Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73. “Frankly, he showed the patience of Job and, along the way, many undergraduate brothers learned important new skills from him.”  Although the annual alumni “work party” lasts only a couple days, many times Alan has spent the entire next week finishing projects. Additionally, Brother Hanbury was integral to planning and construction of the new addition completed in 2013.

Brother Hanbury will be recognized by the Delta Psi chapter at Work Party 2017, August 2017, at the Pomeroy Chapter House at 58 Pinewoods in Troy, New York, if we can get his hammer and saw out of his hands.

Details on the 7 Lights Awards can be found at 7 Lights.


Sigma Chi Homecoming Plans, 2017

To honor Doug Doskocil’s ’83, passing into the Chapter Eternal, members of the Class of 1983 welcome all brothers to join them at the RPI  Homecoming October 13-15 2017 for a White Rose Ceremony for Doug and all Delta Psi Brothers who have recently recorded their names on the Chapter Eternal roll book.  More details will follow soon and contact Alan Roberts ’83 for more information.

Bob Brooks ’75 enters Chapter Eternal

Bob Brooks ’75 Obituary

Robert J. Brooks Jr.  1953 – 2016
brooksYARMOUTH – Robert J. Brooks Jr., 62, of Yarmouth, died peacefully on Monday July, 18, 2016, at Brentwood Center for Health and Rehabilitation, after a long battle with early onset dementia.
He was born in Portland on Oct. 11, 1953, the son of Robert and Elizabeth (Conley) Brooks.
Robert attended Cape Elizabeth High School and graduated from Winthrop High School in 1971. He later graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 1977, and from Rutgers University in 1979 with his M.B.A.
Robert started his career as a CPA at the accounting firm of Arthur Anderson in New York City. He returned to Hollis in 1985 to raise his family, and continued his career as financial officer for multiple companies, as well as his own small businesses.
He was very involved with his children as they grew. He spent time attending their sporting events and coaching Little League. After his children were grown, Robert enjoyed several hobbies including ice skating and swimming in the ocean. Robert also loved traveling to visit his children as they moved about the world.
He was predeceased by his mother, Elizabeth Brooks; and a sister-in-law, Darlene Brooks.
He is survived by his son Ben Brooks and his wife Shelly of Syracuse, N.Y.; two daughters, Emily Semenchuk and her husband Trevor of Hollis, and Anne Adams and her husband Garrett of Portland, and their mother, Susan Brooks of Raymond; his father, Robert Brooks Sr. of Augusta; three brothers, Steven Brooks of Augusta, John Brooks of Manchester, and Daniel Brooks of Winthrop; his grandchildren, Juliet (8) and Kyle (5) Semenchuk, Cooper Brooks (18 months), and Curtis Adams (4 months); as well as several nieces, nephews and cousins.
The family wishes to thank the doctors and staff at the Brentwood Center for Health and Rehabilitation, as well as Hospice of Southern Maine.
Visiting hours will be held on Saturday, July 23, from 10-noon at Roberts Funeral Home, 62 Bowdoin St., Winthrop, where a celebration of Robert’s life will follow at noon. Condolences, memories and photos may be shared with the family on the obituary page of the website at: Brooks