University creates Greek Life Task Force; new mailing list deployed

On June 8, RPI announced a Greek Life Task Force – Task Force

Our RPI Alumni Inter-Greek Council (AIGC) is a committee of the RAA which fosters overall improvement of the Greek community. We have two members on the AIGC, Bob Eckart ’73 and John Pfaff ’71. They are representing our fraternities interest. Also Sigma Chi at our International Headquarters and the National Interfraternity Council are monitoring this action.

An Update was distributed on June 26.

We have moved our e-mail mailing list.
It includes discussions, strategies and tactics in response to our university’s creation of a Greek Life Task Force that includes suspension of alcohol and a two month delay in recruitment. To ensure you remain on the mailing list, contact Dan Zuber at Dzuber321 @ gmail.
Check to see if you received a recent message from John Pfaff on July 1 titled AIGC Meeting on June 29, 2018 from email alumni_discussions @

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