Delta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at RPI received it’s second consecutive $20K club award from Huntsman Cancer Institute Derby Challenge

The Delta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi at RPI was recognized for raising more than $20,000 (for the second year) (only 15 chapters in 2014-15 and 28 in 2015-16) during Derby Days during 2015-16, in support of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at Balfour LTW in Bowling Green Ohio on July 20, 2016. Congratulations

Pictured with Huntsman award (left to right) are Alex Mikelis, Brandon Plewe, Director of Development at HCI, Alex Steff, Tim Saia, (in front) Austin Miller, Lori Kun, HCI Derby Challenge program coordinator, (in front) Kent Rapp, Sean Waclawik, and Pierre Fabris.

BLTW 2016 Awards for Delta Psi

rpi_bltw_2016_peterson_and_rmf_awardThe Delta Psi Chapater of Sigma Chi at RPI received its seventh consecutive Peterson Blue Award for overall chapter excellence and its second consecutive Risk Management Foundation Award for having the best Risk Management practices across all Sigma Chi chapters, at Balfour LTW in Bowling Green Ohio on July 20, 2016.  They were also recognized for raising more than $20,000 (for the second year) (only 15 chapters in 2014-15 and x in 2015-16) in support of theHuntsman Cancer Institute during Derby Days during 2015-16. Congratulations

Pictured (left to right) are Pierre Fabris, Alex Steff, Austin Miller, Grand Consul Mike Ursillo Brown ’73, Kent Rapp, Alex Mikelis, Tim Saia, alumni Ken Sobel ’10,  Sean Waclawik, and chapter advisor Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73.  Additional Delta Psi faculty, not pictured, were Past Grand Consul Bob Jones ’73, Larry Mentz ’68 and Bob “Barney” Shortle ’74.

Delta Psi Summer 2016 Newsletter

The Delta Psi Sig was delivered by USPS early in July 2016.  Inside you’ll find updates on Work Party 2016, the House Corporation annual meeting, annual elections (your vote is needed), 2016 graduates’ plans, Pinewoods Foundation’s educational programs, 2016 chapter awards, Chapter Eternal, alumni updates and a view of the Belmont blanket.  If you did not receive your copy in the mail, get your mailing address to Dan Zuber.

You’ll find it here → Summer 2016 Newsletter

Work Party – 2016

Come join the festivities (and do a little work, too!).  This is the 11th annual celebration of our alumni/active pre-semester work weekend, and all alumni brothers are invited back to Troy to participate in this fun-filled event.

Can you believe that it has been three years since the Bill Pomeroy Chapter House of the Delta Psi chapter of Sigma Chi was dedicated on Homecoming weekend, 2013?!

An end of the year walk-through audit of the house in May by PEP President John Leroy Pfaff ’71 and Chapter Advisor extraordinaire, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 found the house to be in good condition.  The active brothers can be commended for the fine job they are doing in maintaining the house.  But as always, there are things to be done to prepare the house for the upcoming school year.  Our foreman, Bob “Beo” Bedard ’75, apprentice foreman, Gary Stottler ’82, and chief home remodeler, Alan “HJ” Hanbury ’74, along with input from the chapter, are compiling the “to-do” list for Work Party 2016 with jobs for everyone. Professional skills are not needed, just a desire to work along side of the active brothers in caring for ourhouse.  As always, there will be landscaping projects, clean-up activities, painting, minor repairs, etc. to be done, with more projects to be identified in the weeks ahead  Help us make that lady at 58 Pinewoods glow!

But wait!  There’s more!  Let’s not forget about the Friday golf outing, the Friday evening active/alumni dinner followed by the PEP Corporation meeting and elections, the weekend of great camaraderie, theSaturday night ritual house meeting, and the chance to strengthen our bonds with each other, swap stories, and tell tall tales of bygone days. To sum it all up, it’s simply a good time!

This should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Join us this year, and cross it off yours.

 If you plan to attend, please send the following information to me:

1.)    Name/Nickname and Class Year.

2.)    Current locale in which you reside.

3.)    Cell phone # (with area code).

4.)    Friday golf? Yes/No.

5.)    Friday alumni/undergrad dinner? Yes/No.

6.)    Last meal to be eaten with us, i.e., Sunday lunch.

For those interested in the Friday golf event, contact Bob ‘Ruff’ Hutnick (’71) at or call his cell at 1-703-674-9912 to let him know, so he can arrange tee times.
I have emptied my mailbox in anticipation of an avalanche of e-mail responses, so have at it!
Hope to see you in Troy this August.

In hoc,

Thom Kouletsis, Cell: (717) 805-2618,

Phi Epsilon Phi Corporation – Notice of Annual Meeting – August 26 -2016

Dear Brother,
You are cordially invited to attend the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Phi Epsilon Phi Corporation,
to be held at 58 Pinewoods Avenue, Troy, NY, on Friday, August 26, 2016, at 7 PM for the
following purpose:
● Elect three (3) Members to two year terms as Directors.

John Leroy Pfaff ’71
PEP Corporation President

Please return the completed proxy form by August 12th if you are unable to attend the
meeting in person. Your cooperation in this matter is essential in order to achieve a
quorum of 90 Members as required by NY State Law.
Please mail this form to: Phi Epsilon Phi Corporation, PO Box 494, Averill Park, NY, 12018;
or email the completed form to Dan Zuber, Secretary at:


Revocable Proxy
Phi Epsilon Phi Corporation
The undersigned hereby appoints Dan Zuber ‘10, Bob Bedard ‘75, Jim Rosetti ‘79, Thom Kouletsis ‘76 or any one of them
to represent and to vote as designated below, standing in the undersigned’s name at the Annual Meeting of Members of
the Corporation to be held on August 26, 2016, at 7 PM at 58 Pinewoods Ave., Troy, NY, and at any and all adjournments
thereof. The undersigned hereby revokes any and all proxies heretofore given.


❏ Election of the following member to a two year term as Director: John Pfaff ‘71 *
❏ Election of the following member to a two year term as Director: Jim Campbell ‘70 *
❏ Election of the following member to a two year term as Director: Ken Miller ‘80 *
❏ Election of the following member to a two year term as Director; Tony Morelli ‘96
* Incumbent



Signature and Date


Printed Name and Class Year



Reunion & Homecoming – 2016

Sigma Chi plans for RPI 2016 Homecoming, October 6-9, 2016 are underway.

RPI Homecoming is October 6-9, 2016.  If your class is planning a reunion event, please contact Tribune Harrison Ma ’18 or Bob Huntick ’ for help with planning and communications.

2016 Spring Graduates

2016_grads_-__delta_psiDelta Psi seniors moved on to join our Alumni Brothers. They have contributed so much to this Chapter and have truly had a tremendous impact on what the Chapter is today. We want to thank all of them for their hard work, dedication, and brotherhood during their time as undergrads.

Top row: Robert Jacoby, Connor Ameres,  Lucas Silva, Chris Higley,  Marshall Shortledge, Middle row: Andrew Ehlers, Ian Lahiri, David Cecchini, Michael Han, Bill Mehner, Robert Bishop, Bottom row: left to right Leo Antelyes, Terence Farrell, WeiXuan Lai, Cory Sago
Not pictured:  Erik Vink-Lainas

Here’s where the graduates are headed.

Name Future plans Future city Major
Andrew Ehlers GE Aviation – Edison Engineer Cincinnati, OH Material Science
David Cecchini Regeneron – Biotech Production Specialist Troy, NY Biomedical Engineering
Chris Higley Bloomberg – Software Engineer New York, NY Computer Science
William Mehner Looking at grad schools Troy, NY Environmental Science
Michael Han Bloomberg – Software Engineer New York, NY Computer Science
Ian Lahiri Regeneron – Biotech Production Specialist Troy, NY Chemical Engineering
Cory Sago Georgia Tech and Emory University – PhD in Biomedical Engineering Atlanta, GA Biology
Lucas Silva Google – Software Engineer Boston, MA Computer Science
Connor Ameres University of San Fransisco – Data Science San Francisco, CA Computer Science
Marshall Shortledge Epic – Software Developer Madison, WI Computer Science
Terence Factset – Software Engineer Norwalk, CT Computer Science
WeiXuan Lai Gillette – Design Engineer Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering
Leo Antelyes Viasat – Software Engineer Carlsbad, CA Game Design
Erik Vink-Lainas Unknown Unknown Electrical Engineering
Robert Bishop U.S. Navy Troy, NY Aeronautical Engineering

2016 Spring Alumni Newsletter

2016_spring_newsletter_thumbnailThe 2016 Spring Alumni Newsletter was mailed early in March 2016.  If you did not receive your copy, please send your mailing address to Dan Zuber ’10 at  This corrected version correctly identifies the front page, bottom right photo of Bruce Allen ’65 instead of Foss Hooper ’66.  My apoligies for the error.  Regardless all the past newsletter can be found here.

Phi Epsilon Phi and Pinewoods Educational Foundation Board Meeting – 2/6/16

significant_sig_wall_photo_1_Februrary 16, 2016


Attached is a picture of our Significant Sig Wall in the Alumni Living Room.  The new pictures add a great deal to the warmth and personality to the room and I hope you all get to see it in person in the near future. [Link to ourSignificant Sigs]
The meeting was held in Troy with the help of Google Hangout.  We had a great turnout with brothers online from CA (Ken Sobel), Chicago (Jim Campbell), FL (Paul Cosgrave), TX (Bob Shortle), MA (Dan Zuber) and NC (Dan Hudson).  In addition, Thom Kouletsis was able to attend via phone.  Generally, this worked out great with only a few minor glitches.  I have to learn how to keep us from talking over each other and make sure our microphone is centrally placed.
Our biggest topic of conversation was of course the Junior Arch Program.  After my last email to you, on Feb. 1st, I received over 30 responses from you all with many comments and suggestions.  My biggest take aways from your responses and the meeting are as follows.
It was proposed that we work with the Alumni Inter Greek Council and present our suggestions and feedback to Dr. Frank Ross, VP of Residence Life, as soon as we can.  Our major concerns are:
  • In order to avoid a financial burden for our fraternity, the sophomore brothers must be allowed to live in the fraternity during the summer, which will be in keeping with the CLASS initiative, and not forced to live in dorms.
  • The University must be able to insure that every student has an opportunity for a meaningful Experiential Semester by providing either a co-op assignment, a research assignment, a semester abroad or a volunteer experience in order for this to be successful.
  • The Pinewoods Educational Foundation will be willing to help find and perhaps sponsor some of these programs, and will call on all Greek alumni to help in these efforts.
  • Although this is being called a mandatory program, apparently, there will be will be waivers available for athletes whose seasons bridge semesters (e.g. hockey and basketball).  Perhaps waivers could also be extended to student leaders and officers of campus organizations who need to be on campus during their Junior year.
  • Brother Bob Bedard ’75 has volunteered to lead our efforts of developing potential PEF programs for students.
These are the thoughts that have come up so far.  Let me know what you think and/or if you have any additional comments or ideas.
In hoc,
John “Leroy” Pfaff ’71

Happy New Year from 58 Pinewoods

2015_12_house-lightsIt is quiet now, since December 23 when the last brother left.  School resumes Monday January 25, 2016 and the brothers return home that weekend, so I’ll have a whole month to relax.  The 36 members living here is both exciting and a stress for me.  So a month off, with their families is always renewing.  We don’t yet know how many are coming back as the coop opportunities are not finalized yet.

The fall semester was exciting, beginning with the Tenth work party in August.  Twenty alumni helped finish minor projects and left me two new hand-built Adirondack deck chairs under the pine trees in my front yard. Hanbury and Heininger Relax on the new chairs

In September, the Pinewoods Educational Foundation kicked off the semester programming with Princeton women’s basketball coach, Courtney Banghart, daughter of Jim Munger Banghart ’69 presenting a leadership lecture, for the entire campus at the RPI EMPAC Center.

October Homecoming found Oedipus and the Mothers headlining the band party for Homecoming Weekend 2015.  The anniversary celebration of the Sigma Chi 65th founding from 1950 hosted about 200 alumni brothers, active brothers, plus spouses and family members including founding brother Ed Ziemer, ’51.  The Oedipus Band performance ended their series of four concerts since the Millennium tour started in 2000 with the expected unveiling of the identity of Oedipus, but none of the members could remember which one was Oedipus (or maybe they were still unwilling to name him.)  Coordinator Bob “Ruff” Hutnick, ‘71 unveiled my Alumni Room Order of Constantine members’ pictures on my western wall.  On Thursday night, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73, the current Chapter Advisor was recognized by the Rensselaer Alumni Association with an Alumni Key Award.  At the cocktail party, the brothers recognized Ed Kellogg ’60 as one of our Significant Sigs.  Bill Wurst ’71 and Jim Manocchi ’75 were given Sigma Chj Seven Lights awards by the international fraternity recognizing their 10 years of alumni service. Brothers who have passed onto to the Chapter Eternal, including Gary “Slug” Wood ’71, who passed on earlier this year, were recognized in a brief White Rose Ceremony.  A river birch was planted in my side yard, near my library window, to remember Slug.

Also during October, I hosted the parents’ weekend and the annual Haunted House with hundreds of my neighbor kids walking through me with my scariest decorations on display.  In November, the brothers raked my trees’ fallen leaves and the leaves of my fellow houses on Pinewoods and nearby.  The brothers then travelled to Clifton Park and raked leaves for past Chapter Advisor Chris Gribbon ’00.  As a surprise, Peter Wurst ’04, lead a group of brothers to present a wheel-chair enabled van to the Gribbon family from Joann Samalionis Wood and with the help of donations of 150 brothers and friends.

Fall semester rush resulted in 16 new recruits becoming brothers-in-training.  Delta Psi participated as one of 42 chapters using the new Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B) program.  The P4B will be the standard for all chapters fall 2016, ensuring a standard quality experience for all new initiates.  All 16 recruits were initiated in November.

Earlier in the Spring, my last female resident returned for a surprise visit.  I had not seen Ruthe Harvie since she was a little girl and her father sold me to the Phi Epsilon Phi fraternity in 1942.  She remembered my original grandfather clock that stood in the entry way for at least 50 years, donated by her father, but now replaced.  She gave a tour to the bothers assembled through me, naming each of my rooms and occupants of my 1902 original structure and explained how they looked before the fraternity took over, remodeled me and the before my massive 2013 renovation.  It was great to see her 73 years later.

In April, the brothers brought in the RPI Five-Star Award, for outstanding fraternities.  Consul Chris Higley ’16 was honored in April as Greek Man of the year at RPI, Bob “Justa” Eckart ’73 honored as top chapter advisor and John Spankenberger ’15 won the Greek Servant Leader award. In August the chapter brought home a fifth-consecutive Sigma Chi Peterson Chapter Excellence Award. In December, 4 brothers were tapped for the Order of Omega, Greek honor society.

As I said, it’s quiet now, despite the lack of snow this season, but in a few weeks the bustle and hustle will start again and I’ll happily welcome back the brothers and the 2016 spring semester.  But until then, a couple more weeks of peace and rest.…

Here’s wishing all my brothers, friends, neighbors and family members a happy and prosperous 2016.